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Cyber Security Services is a dynamic style agreement with the specific aim of helping the clients with cyber security consultancy and services using an agile approach, by procuring the appropriate service offering (team or individual resource) to deliver a cyber security requirement.

Security breaches by nation states, organized crime, and competitors are the fastest growing cyber threats. The associated attacks have become so sophisticated that the occurrence of a breach is often only a matter of time and persistence on part of the attacker. The only way to protect yourself is to evolve and amplify your defense to keep up with the pace of the threats you face.

To address the above challenges, we, OISSG provide collective solution in Cyber Security Services Includes



OISSG’s approach is simple and revolves around the complexity of Information security as a whole. We take pride in touching every aspects of security. Different clients have different requirement. We initially assess the client’s requirement to Plan and prepare then perform Assessment to create report with recommendation.


For number of years, we have helped clients manage complex security challenges with a business-focused approach.

  • We are one of the region’s most reputable consulting and managed service providers
  • We invest heavily in our cyber security capabilities, establishing our widely recognized credentials gained by working closely with international security associations and standards bodies.
  • Our large and highly skilled team of security professionals includes subject matter experts and thought leaders who together have various sizes across multiple industries.
  • At OISSG, we specialize in four main practice areas: Assessment, Managed Security, Remediation, and Response in order to appropriately secure your organization's most critical information.


We deliver clear, concise, and actionable reports with executive summaries, findings, and recommendations. Risk prioritized recommendations are designed for cost effective remediation and to minimize any business impact. Any and all findings, vulnerabilities, and exploits are only disclosed to you.

  • We employ the most talented security engineers in the industry
  • We perform controlled real world attacks uncover real threats
  • We’ve done thousands of penetration tests and vulnerability scans
  • Manual verification of findings to eliminate false positive.
  • For longer engagements, assets with past trends on vulnerabilities are reflected in reports.
  • Patch solution and recommendation provided along with the findings.
  • We deliver comprehensive report of the assessment which can be used further in risk assessment.