With ever-changing security landscape and advanced technology introduced every day, it’s become difficult to find suitable resource to address all Information security leadership needs. We have team of well trained professionals ready to deploy on site to manage your organization’s risks.  
According to recent research by well-known job portal, due to high risks TOP 500 companies worldwide start using 40-50% of outsourcing of work in term of direct outsource work or hire specialist outsource employee around 2.2 million jobs are outsource in 2011 alone.


Forget spending time with employees or developing engagement initiatives here are reason why you should consider outsource employee then hire him directly


  • Open Information System Security Group (OISSG) is one of the World’s leading corporate security risk consulting firm that helps organizations reduce risk and enhance competitive advantage. With a core team comprising of domain experts with huge subject matter experience, OISSG’s risk mitigation advisories enable major corporate clients to secure their information assets.
  • Our distinctiveness lies in the ‘People-Centric’ and ‘Outcome-Oriented’ approach, endorsed by clients across scores of implementations. We have EMEA and US presence and the capability to operate out of several global locations.
  • OISSG UAE was formed to deliver professional services in association with OISSG USA and OISSG UK
  • At OISSG UAE, we understand the need to keep pace with technology and take advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered by technology innovations. Our Information Security Solutions (ISS) division focuses on the risks inherent in the technology systems used to support our clients’ business objectives and the best of breed solutions to thwart major security breaches


  • An Experience professional and Subject matter expert on required designation
  • Qualified and certified professional to prove required skill set.
  • Experienced in required industry Domain.
  • Easy recruitment process.
  • Short term staffing.
  • Easy replacement 
  • Reduce Overhead of hiring and rehiring professional
  • If you're adding new functions to your company we can provide professional with specific skill set.