Increasingly connected business environments and changing technology landscape has triggered security threats from the most unexpected sources. While security technologies are constantly evolving, identifying the source or mitigating threats with minimum loss of business operations is still a challenge. Efficient Security Operations Center (SOC) constantly and proactively assesses security in your operations, even preempting threats. We secure your enterprise applications across technology layers, connected platforms, processes and devices.



Simple approach consist of 4 basic steps :
  1. Identification
  2. Analyzing
  3. Prevention
  4. Correction
And Incident Mgmt. simultaneously


  • Our SOC is a centralized threat management operation supporting your security monitoring, incident management and log retention. It covers the entire gamut of enterprise security surveillance, from one central platform.
  • 24/7 event and incident monitoring and response services ensure round-the-clock protection
  • Compliant SOC services that conform to industry best practices ITIL/CoBIT/NIST
  • Powerful engine that detects, alerts and notifies on threats giving you complete cover on threats and intrusions
  • Reduce organizational risk while increasing security awareness in your organization


  • Onsite support 24X7 hours.
  • Continuous monitoring of Logs.
  • Asset integration with SIEM tools for logs.
  • Reduce false positive alerts and events.
  • Investigation report management and technical view.
  • Investigation report detail technical view.
  • Quarterly/Annual incident report management view.
  • Being vigilant about latest Trends in security and new vulnerabilities disclosures.
  • Every Six month malware and incident handling/response training to IT staff, Educating latest threat and protection mechanism.