Information Technology is all encompassing & is increasing in complexity. Information is one of the most important assets of an organization e.g. Proprietary Data for competitive edge, Trade Secrets, Financial Reporting, M.I.S. & Decision Making, Compliance. Information Systems are vulnerable and need proper Risk Management.
Business impact of Information Security breach are loss of revenue, additional expenditure, reduced profits, unnecessary law suits, bad publicity, loss of goodwill etc.



We focus on Confidentiality of  proprietary, sensitive, critical information viz. Customer database, new prospects, contract pricing & terms, strategy & plans, “not yet published” information, customer complaints, product quality data, tender data, bid details, ongoing negotiations, R&D information, law suits, sales pipeline, accounting “adjustments”, payroll etc.
Integrity & Reliability of key data is analysed for Receivables, Payables, accurate system logic and processing, system interfaces & data transfer validation, MIS correctness for decision making, financial reports etc.
Availability of Systems & data is analysed to help the clients ensure smooth running of business, minimize system downtime & staff idle time


  • Specializes in Information Risk Management, Information Systems Audit, Information Security Consulting and Business Continuity Management
  • Professional team with experience across the globe & covering various industry verticals
  • Relevant qualifications like C.I.S.A., C.I.S.S.P., C.A. etc.
  • Extensive use of checklists & tools


Our Information Systems Audit covers all aspects of I.T. Governance & I.T. Management. We have necessary competence & experience to conduct

  • Business Applications Audit including ERP Audit & Web Application Security Audit
  • Database Audit
  • Disaster Recovery Audit
  • Physical Security Audit
  • Network Security Audit
  • Data Centre Security Audit
  • Endpoint Data Security Audit