At event of a natural disaster, cyberattack or other business disruption, an organization which fails to provide a minimum level of service to its clients following a disaster event may not have a business to recover. It is very essential to ensure the continuity of business functions that provide products or services and of critical support functions e.g. IT without which these business functions cannot function.



  • Project Kick off
  • Define ISMS Scope
  • Design of ISMS Organization
  • IT Process Understanding
  • Assessment of Current IT Infrastructure
  • Development of Information Asset Register
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Physical & Environmental Security Review
  • Gap Analysis vis-à-vis ISO 27001
  • Risk Assessment Methodology Development
  • Asset Based Risk Assessment
  • Risk Treatment Plan Development
  • Develop Statement of Applicability
  • Development of Information Security Policy
  • Review & Update of Security Mgmt. Policies & Procedures
  • Design of Business Continuity Framework
  • Review Design of Network Security Architecture
  • Design & Create Implementation Roadmap
  • Program Mgmt. of ISMS Rollout
  • User Awareness Training
  • Development of Security Effectiveness Framework
  • Development of KPI's
  • Data Gathering & Preparation of Dashboard
  • Pre-Certification Audit
  • CAPA Implementation Support
  • Certification Audit Support
  • ISO 27001 Certification Audit


  1. We are leader in information technology and our easy to implement approach make us best fit for any organization to achieve business community goal.
  2. Needless to say, BCM consulting requires thorough understanding of both the underlying business and the role of I.T. as a business critical function. This is where OISSG Group has an upper hand. We bring in the dual expertise of business knowledge as well as the technology layer to derive real value benefits to the client from these assignments.
  3. This gets further augmented by the systematic, professional and meticulous analysis of the underlying facts & figures at each and every stage of this exercise.


  1. Business Continuity Requirement Assessment
  2. IT Disaster Recovery Consulting
  3. Business Continuity Management Consulting
  4. Compliance Services – ISO 22301
  5. Outsourced Business Continuity