OISSG Consultancy (OISSG) is one of the region’s leading corporate security risk consulting firm that helps organizations reduce risk and enhance competitive advantage. With a core team comprising of domain experts with huge subject matter expertise, OISSG’s risk mitigation advisories enable major corporate clients to secure their information assets.

Our distinctiveness lies in the ‘People-Centric’ and ‘Outcome-Oriented’ approach, endorsed by clients across scores of implementations. We have EMEA presence and the capability to operate out of several global locations.

At OISSG Consultancy, we understand the need to keep pace with technology and take advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered by technology innovations. Our Information Security Practice vertical focuses on the risks inherent in the technology systems used to support our clients’ business objectives and the best of breed solutions to thwart major security breaches.As OISSG Consultancy Partnering with Channel Partners to provide our consultancy services is one way we help organizations obtain the security they need from the community that already serves them.