About Us

Social Responsibility

As a professional services company, we see an incredible opportunity to drive positive change for all our stakeholders – our employees, clients, our partners and society. At OISSG, we create positive experiences and secure environments that enable people and organizations to thrive. Every day our employees worldwide protect and secure business and organizations through services and community activities. We focus our energy on initiatives that support our diverse workforce; enhance the Security awareness of the people and organization, secure work and personal cyberspace; and strengthen our communities. Our objective is to Foster a culture of cyber security that promotes the safe and appropriate use of cyberspace and develop/ cultivate cyber security capabilities at organization and national level.

    About Us

    To meet our Social Responsibility goals, our developed initiatives are

    • Enhancing cyber security awareness across society using multiple channels:
    • Encouraging individuals to use cyber safety tools and solutions to protect against cyber threats; and
    • Promoting the development and delivery of cyber security education in schools, colleges, and universities.
    • Rollout of Internship programs to recruit graduate and develop talent for cybersecurity industry
    • Strengthen the security posture in the public and private sectors; and
    • Investment in researches aiming to develop innovative cyber security technologies and solutions.

    We seek to lead by example and continuously improve in those areas of our business that are under our direct control. We work with clients and suppliers to develop skills and capabilities of people and processes.